Total Maintenance Systems, Inc was formed in 1988 in Brookings, SD by 2 local businessmen as a side business to earn a little extra income.  In the early years the business primarily performed “office cleaning” services for local businesses.  Employees would go in after business hours and do the “daily” cleaning. Clean bathrooms, empty trash, vacuum, sweep/mop, etc. Shortly after opening “Carpet Cleaning and Tile Floor Refinishing” was added to primarily service the buisinesses that were already being cleaned daily.

In the Fall of 1989, Myself, Sean Lesnar moved to Brookings to attend South Dakota State University. My first part-time job was with Total Maintenance Systems, Inc. where I cleaned offices 5 nights a week for 2-4 hours per day and then spent a few weekends cleaning carpets and stripping and refinishing tile floors.

Over the course of the next 4 years the business steadly grew. We added more and more office cleaning accounts and started cleaning more businesses and even added residential carpet cleaning. As I was attending school I started to work more and more and there was even enough work for me to work fulltime in the summers.

During this time period I became very interested in the business aspects and took on a manager role. I started to schedule jobs, give estimates, and even trained and hired new employees for office cleaning.  As I neared the end of my college career the cleaning business was really taking off and I was undecided whether I wanted to pursue my field or continue in the “growing” cleaning business.

So I decided to take some time off from school and pursue the cleaning business. I jumped in fulltime and went to trade shows, trainings, and started to read up as much as I could and learn about the cleaning industry.

Over a few year process we added several other services from “Water Damage Restoration” and “Fire Damage Restoration” as well as “Air Duct cleaning”.

Of course the business continued to grow and by now I was fully managing the business in all aspects. At one point we had about 15 part-time cleaning employees and 4 fulltime employees including a fulltime Secretary on staff.

In 1999 I had the opportunity to buy the business from the 2 previous owners. I finally was able to OWN MY OWN BUSINESS! The next several years were challenging. During this time I got married and started to have children all while the business was continuing to grow. However during this time I started to see a clearer picture of where I wanted to go with the business and which services I felt fit us the best.

So the last 10 years have been a process to “streamline” the business. We have basically given up the “office cleaning” which we originally started with and have added “Concrete Epoxy Floor Coatings”.

Our focus all along has always been Service!  We have not always been the cheapest but I wanted to provide the best Service we could. I really enjoy helping people out and I want to provide the best service possible.

So Total Maintenance Systems, Inc. is a Cleaning Services business much like some very popular “Franchise” carpet cleaning services, but we are not Franchised. We are locally owned and I would definitely call us a FAMILY business. Over the years the business has been scaled down, we have way less employees, but we focus on what we are good at. Currently I have 2 primary Employees, Heath Selken and AJ Bednar. I have a few other part-time and temporary employees but these two have been with me for over 14 years each and are the life blood of the business and are definitely “family” to me. Not to mention my wife has helped me throughout the years and now my 3 oldest boys are all helping in the business when they can, so the future of our business is very bright and we are looking forward to many more years helping the community.